Hello everyone, before I get started with this next post. I would like to start off by expressing our teams sincere concerns regarding all those affected by the COVID-19 Virus. We know that we are all in this global catastrophe together and our thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this crisis.

It's been a while since an update has been posted and a lot of changes have occured. Over the last several weeks we have made improvements to the site and it's security increasing protection from VPN and Bot use. We've fixed several bugs, made adjustments, added features and resolved a few program conflicts. Below is a quick review of some of the changes.

  • Two Factor Authentification (2FA) - 2FA security has been enabled to help protect our members from suspicious and fraudulent account activity. As we prepare to lower the minimum withdraw we would like to ask all members to please protect their accounts by setting up their 2FA located in their account settings.
  • Membership Level Incentive - Membership levels were adjusted to match the new achievement program. Most members should notice an increase in level and earnings.
  • Achievement Program - Several changes and fixes were made to the achievement program. The addition of achievements for completed offers and referrals have been implemented. We adjusted level requirements, prizes and added level 10. Several members should have new achievements to collect. We are asking all members to please visit and collect their achievements as we prepare to lower the minimum pay out. We would like to have a good estimate of how many withdraws to expect from our membership base.
  • Jungle Survey - Jungle survey is now working correctly and awarding Bits after completion of the More TV Time Quiz. Bits awarded are based on the geographic location of the user.
  • Poll Fish Surveys - Poll Fish Surveys have been added as an additional way to earn Bits. It's located on the left hand column under your level progress.

Things that are coming soon, As mentioned, the minimum withdraw will be lowered very soon. It will be lowered to 10,000 Bits for FaucetPay and Kswallet payment systems. We are hoping to have this completed by April. We are currently auditing, monitoring, and assessing our offer wall, membership programs, and advertising platform and preparing for the next phase of our evolution. So additional changes are still to come.

That's all for now, please take care and stay safe. 

Earn as many Bits as possible!

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