Hello Everyone,

Many changes were implemented today. These changes are necessary due to the price of Bitcoin peeking a record breaking 30,000 per coin mark. Although it adds complications it's also a great thing to see.

Most shortlinks and offerwalls earn commission in USD when converted to Bitcoin and distributed back to the site it seems like the offers are not worth completing although the earnings are relatively the same.

To combat this rather than lowering the rewards for completing shortlinks and offers again. I have decided to lower and adjust the achievement program and our contest prizes. Both of these programs use funds provided by the use of shortlinks and offers and really only benefit a small percentage of the lucky users that are able to compete for them. To include the rise in Bitcoin value the contest prizes and achievement values were quite high and the adjustment will bring much needed relief to the programs in need. All contests excluding the lottery will be affected.

Due to these changes instead of having a reduction in earnings for completed shortlinks and offers. We now have stabilized and in some areas increased earnings to those programs. This means more money now, leading to faster withdraws which is in the end what everyone wants.

We always appreciate receiving feedback from our membership base it has lead to many site improvements and a safe environment to spend time on. Due to recent feedback received regarding our PTC/RevShare Program, we have changed the Paid to click ad timer to 15 seconds from 7 seconds. This extra time will ensure pages have time to fully load, and should lead to more conversions for those purchasing paid to click advertising. This added value brings us much closer to the industry standard however additional adjustments in the future may still occur as we strive to have the best product.

As we head in to a new year it's important that you know that site funds are being managed appropriately to ensure you have an honest site you can count on for years to come. With 80% commissions returned back to our membership base we are proud to say our members earn the lion's share. Which is how it should be.

Take care everyone, stay safe, and earn as many Bits as possible!

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