Hello everyone, Im very excited to make a new entry officially announcing all the changes and improvements that have occured over the last few weeks. Below is a list of the most recent changes.

Site Improvements
One of the most noticable is the improvements to the sites navigation and use. Many changes have occurred in the attempt to make our site more pleasant to use specifically to those users on mobile devices.

Terms Of Service, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Cookies Policy
New Terms Of Service, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Cookies Policy have been published. Please make sure to review them and agree to the new changes.

Membership Program
We have lowered the expense to all levels of our membership program. Making it much easier to recover your expense for members that have just a few active referrals.

Purchasing Referrals
We have lowered the expense of purchasing referrals to only 1500 Bits. Allowing members to recover their expense faster than ever before.

RevShare Program
Returns are still 150% but now PTC ads have a much lower purchase expense of 2000 Bits for every 1000 visits purchased allowing more members to take part. Also brings us much closer to the industry standard encouraging members to advertise here instead of other sites. Members of the PTC program before the reset are on a seperate list and hopefully will receive payments over the next few weeks. For all those that participated thank you and please reinvest the income you have in your purchase balance since that balance is not allowed to be withdrawn and is technically just sitting there. Might as well let the RevShare program help you grow that income. With the reset, we now have a new sponsoring advertisement that will soon be permanently in place allowing constant growth of our PTC RevSahre program.

We have improved faucet prizes and changed the faucet multiplier system to reward those members that are regular users of our site. Thanks to those special long term active members, we now have an idea of what is a realistic expectation is. (THANK YOU!)

Removal Of Gambling Features
We have removed the Bitcoin Game and Lottery program. The idea to our site is to help you earn free bitcoin and those to features created losses for many players. We don't accept deposits with the intention that you have nothing to lose here and can only earn free bitcoin by using our site and removing those features helps support that goal.

The Value Of Bitcoin
We weekly analyze and audit our site earnings.  The value of Bitcoin greatly effects what we are able to reward our members for using all features of our site. Rewards are based on a US Dollar value and lower bitcoin prices generally lead towards increases in member rewards. Explaining many of the increases over the last few days and possible further increases of the next few weeks if the value to Bitcoin continues to tumble.

New Minimum Withdraw
By far the most exciting feature to announce is reducing the minimum withdraw amount to 5,000 Bits. I hope this change helps further improve the trust in using our site since members can now request a withdraw and enjoy their earnings much sooner than ever before.

Special Thank You!
I want to make sure to give all of of you new and old members of BitcoinTricks a BIG special thank you for being loyal members and users of our site. Our growth and success is starting to attract attention allowing us to reach new heights that we didn't think we would reach in such a short period of time. To further thank all of you I'm awarding a 250 Bit coupon code that will expire in 72 hours (3 Days) So don't wait to claim it!

Coupon Code: 4262-7480-9472-4816

That's all for now, take care and continue earning as many Bits as possible!

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