We the family fully support the country of Ukrain and are against all the mostrosities that are occurring there. We are upgrading the accounts of all active members from the country of Ukrain to VIP members. It's a kind gesture to hopefully remind you in these tragic times that you are not alone and that most of the world supports you.

Over the last 4 weeks we have been actively freezing membership accounts that are from the countries of Belarus and Russia.  We realize that these members have very little to do with this useless war and have no power to affect the decisions made by their government. This decision was based on the sanctions imposed by our country the United States Of America. We feel that at the very least by freezing the accounts to the members of these countries we can bring awareness that we are not in support of this tragic humanitarian disaster that is occuring to the country of Ukrain. 

There are now over 10 million Ukranians that have been forced to flee out of their homes. Thousands of casualties and deaths of Ukranian citizens and military forces. Complete destruction of almost every home and building in many Ukrainian cities. Hundreds of thousands of Ukranians withoud food, water, or power. Not to mention the now reported over 15,000 deaths that have been taken by Russia's poorly prepared military forces to include at least 15 senior Russian Commanders. Russian attempts to take the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv failed and most of the north was forced  to retreat.

All this chaos and destruction to only ask why?

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