Hello everyone, we have implemented a lot of changes to the site. I wanted to take a moment to explain all the changes. Most of the changes were site features that were completely removed.

  • Payment Options - The first change that occurred earlier in the month was the removal of Coinbase and ExpressCrypto as payment options. For now the only payment options remaining are direct wallet payments and FaucetPay.  We unfortunately may be losing FaucetPay in the near future, we will continue to use their service until they no longer allow us to.

  • Offerwall Contest - The next big change was the removal of the offerwall contest. The offerwall contest had flaws and vulnerabilities that simply put are out of our control and exist on certain offerwall providers. Over the last 3 years we have put a lot effort in attempting to monitor and control users from exploiting flaws to manipulate the contest results. Updates to our IP monitoring security helped remove many of these users but the ability to easily by pass our site exists. We have contacted the offerwalls that have this vulnerabilty problem and if they repair the issue the offerwall contest could return at a later time. In the meantime we have increased all offerwall earnings and will be implementing events to award prizes to members that use the offerwalls in the future.

  • Achievement Program - This program siphoned earnings from offer walls and shortlink earnings to provide a long term reward. The VIP Membership is still going to be available more information on this will be coming soon.

  • CPU Mining - We removed CPU mining due to lack of participation. The program only led to losses which caused additional siphoning of funds.

  • Jobs Feature - The jobs section provided very little profit and also siphoned earnings from total site profits. This feature will be updated and returning in the future.

  • RevShare Program - The RevShare program was removed due immediate fund allocation issues. Originally designed to encourage members to place PTC ads in a 3 way partnership plan. You help us by providing an advertisement that will help others earn by viewing your PTC ad, members help you by joining or purchasing the service you are advertising, Then we help you by returning back more than what you originally invested over time. A lot of though and effort went in to this program and an unreal sustainabilty investment project was born. Crazy market price fluctuations and required investment pools caused major siphoning of funds at times. This program is like the bride of Frankenstein and will continue to run in the back ground of our site. We will ensure it remains fully funded and operational although no members will be able to earn with it. Thanks to the founding participants and the additional 130 plus entries this program will continue to evolve and ensure we are here for many years to come. Remaining payments will continue as scheduled the RevShare Program pending payments can now be viewed in the sites main menu.

Due to all of the changes we can now afford to give you more now as you earn it. We currently have offer wall and shortlink earnings set higher than we've ever had them.

I believe I've covered everything, that's all I have for now. Take care everyone and earn as many bits as possible!

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