Happy Holidays! Let's make December the month to remember. 

Check out all the new changes. 

  • As many of you already noticed we have removed the lock on the faucet so that members are not required to complete short-links to unlock the faucet for the day. 
  • Lottery tickets have been reduced to 25 Bits per ticket all month. The 5000 Bit jackpot now expands with every ticket sold. You can't win if you ain't in, so go get your ticket.
  • We've also increased the prizes for our referral contest and our offerwall contest, top prize for both contests is now 5000 Bits!
  • All membership levels have been adjusted greatly increasing referral commissions on all levels and all monthly membership costs have been drastically reduced so all members can comfortably experience them. Now you earn a minimum of 5% commissions from every faucet roll, shortlink, or offer wall task your referrals complete. Gold members receive triple faucet earnings with a faucet jackpot of 30,000 Bits, 20% referral commissions, have a minimum withdraw of 30,000 Bits, and only costs 17000 Bits a month!. Click here to view new membership information.

That's it for now.

Take Care And Earn As Many Bits As Possible!

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