Why Rain Captcha? 

When the decision was made to unlock the faucet it was based on the revenue generated by the Rain Captcha offsetting some of the expenses generated by the Faucet. The other Captcha's don't earn any additional revenue. For all of the members that don't know or remember the locked faucet.  The locked faucet required members to complete 3 ShortLink visits to unlock the faucet for the day. Many members disliked being forced to visit Short Links to use the faucet.  Which we completely agreed with and only want members that enjoy doing them completing them.

We are not going to lower the Bits earned on faucet rolls or adjust faucet odds to hardly ever awarding prizes and we are not going to add Rain Captcha and lock the faucet like other similar sites do. We are not going to lower Bits earned on PTC or ShortLink visits. We realize that offering nice rewards and an easy to use site is why you visit us instead of our competitors. In fact our goal is to actually increase faucet earning and prizes and make the site easier to use in the future. 

Now that we have explained why things are currently the way they are. We also believe that this is all relatively short term. When the RevShare incentive program begins hoping some time in January, 2020 we believe that member engagement and site activity is going to significantly increase which should allow us not worry about minute additional funding for the faucet. 

That's all for now, take care and earn as many bits as possible!

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