PTC RevShare
Here's How It Works!

Purchase 1000 paid to click (PTC) Advertisements for 2,000 Bits. By doing so you will receive quality crypto targeted world wide traffic to your advertisement.

When you purchase your PTC advertisements you will be instantly awardeded a FREE RevShare entry after completion of your order. When your entry reaches the top position. You will be awarded 3,000 Bits for every 1000 visits you purchased then the entry is permanently removed from the RevShare list.

That's right! 150% Returns For Purchasing Quality Traffic.

A True Get Paid To Advertise Program!

This is not an MLM program or pyramid scheme, there are no jumping positions, flipping lists, or anything tricky. We are a simple a revenue sharing program based on a single level list. Which allows us all to work together. Entries to this program are limited, limitations will be based on the total of active PTC ads.

Here's how you get paid!

When your entry reaches the top position and is removed from the RevShare list your earnings will be instantly awarded split 50/50 between your purchase and account balance in the form of 2 coupon codes. They will appear for you on your dashboard then next time you log in a private notification and will remain there for 30 days. Failing to cash in the coupon codes within the 30 days alloted will result in a permanent loss.

FREE PTC RevShare - 150% Returns On PTC Purchases!

Active RevShare List

New Revshare List

ID# Member PTC Views Ad Status
70 Bonus_Entry 1,000 Running
71 Bonus_Entry 1,000 Running
72 bitcoin4u 1,000 Running
73 bitcoin4u 1,000 Running
74 bitcoin4u 1,000 Running

Pending Payments

Pending payments are next to be paid.

  1. bitcoin4u - 15,000 BITS
  2. Moutkil - 15,000 BITS
  3. bladepup - 15,000 BITS
  4. bitcoin4u - 15,000 BITS
  5. rtyv4536 - 15,000 BITS
  6. grysha74 - 15,000 BITS
  7. GARIK - 15,000 BITS
  8. lodo4nik - 15,000 BITS
  9. Silp03 - 15,000 BITS
  10. names - 15,000 BITS
  11. bpokfk - 15,000 BITS

  12. RevShare List Reset 05/01/21

Total PTC Revshare Payments Made: 40