Hello Everyone, a lot has occurred since the last post. Here's a list of our most recent changes. 

Offerwall And Shortlink Changes

The most recent and most dramatic change to the site was the adjustment caused by the price of bitcoin skyrocketing over the last few weeks. Many of our shortlinks and offer walls pay us in USD and changes had to occur. The changes may look drastic but the earnings are where intended and should be roughly the same earnings as before the big rise. Only the services that deal in USD were affected.

Withdraw Process

We have also made improvements to our site security and members violating our terms of service are being removed. Fraudulent activity is at an all time low due to the new improvements however some members are still able to fool certain offer walls for a short period of time. We’ve experienced that some offer walls may take as long as 30 days to verify an offer. So, changes to the withdraw process will now require offer wall earnings to be verified before they are approved for withdraw.

Membership Programs

Changes to our membership programs have also been implemented. Faucet multiplier and membership prices were adjusted to reflect the cost change and future implementation of the RevShare Program.

Achievement Program

The achievement program was adjusted to properly reflect the commission changes to the shortlink and offer wall programs. The achievement for recruiting one referral was removed to resist the temptation of creating a false account to earn the achievement. The last change made was to the amount of free silver days awarded for recruiting referrals. Please check out our achievement page to view all the changes.

Lottery Program

The lottery ticket cost was raised from 50 bits to 75 Bits for free members. This will help drive up larger jackpots and serve as additional incentive to upgrade memberships.

Offer Walls

I would now like to announce the new arrival of CPX-Research Surveys to the offer wall. They should be able to provide our global community an additional income stream.

The popular Toro Offer wall has been repaired and now works properly. I know many of you have been patiently waiting for its return.

Contest Prizes

All contest prizes have been increased. Go to our contest pages to check out how much this last week’s winners are winning.

RevShare Program

The first stage of our RevShare program is finally completed. The list is populated and can be viewed in the new RevShare page under the Earn More Bits Tab in the site’s navigation bar. Every member that made a PTC advertising purchase on our site was awarded a free entry for every 500 visits they purchased. The first 8 members on the list will receive their first payouts very soon.

Here’s how the PTC RevShare program works. Purchase 500 PTC advertisements for 10,000 Bits. Use them to promote your blog or web site, or to build an online audience. To generate traffic, leads, sales, build a massive downline, or to get referrals to almost any crypto related program. Our membership base is anxiously waiting to view your advertisement for the free Bits your advertisement provides them.

To reward members that purchase PTC advertisements and contribute to our community we will award them a free RevShare entry. When the entry reaches the top position it will award 15,000 Bits to the corresponding member and the entry will be permanently removed. The PTC RevShare program was designed to make quick list rotations not only because of it’s an amazing product that delivers real human visitors. But because 85% of the PTC revenue is returned to back to its loyal membership base. Revshare entries are limited, limitations will be based on active PTC Advertisements 

Get Your FREE Bits!

Lastly make sure to check your email for your free 500 Bit coupon code. That's all for now take care, stay safe, stay healthy, and earn as many bits as possible!

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