Hello, I would like to inform every one of the site changes that will be occurring at the end of the month and why the changes are taking place. The new changes will affect the faucet multiplier, VIP membership program, and members that are banned from the site.


  • Faucet Multiplier - The faucet multiplier will have a drastic reduction to the multiplier and will max out at x1.10. The number of claims required will also be drastically increased. In essence, the new change will require more claims to receive a reward and the reward will be much less.

The reason for this change is due to the number of users that are banned every month for using automated software to make claims. We believe that this new change will discourage these types of users and allow our site security additional time to identify them based on account activity and site use. This is also the cause steering the new changes to VIP Memberships.


  • VIP Membership Program - Membership will no longer be awarded for completed faucet claims and instead will be changed to completed shortlinks. We will also be reducing requirements and changing rewards to encourage new site users to quickly become VIP members. The x1.50 base faucet multiplier will be adjusted monthly and will fluctuate based on our previous months audit. When the changes take place the faucet multiplier will be changed to x1.70 and will adjust the following month and every month thereafter.

Our data indicates that shortlink users are the most active users in all aspects of the site. Therefore, we feel that these are the users we should focus on rewarding the most. The final change we are implementing is to members that are or have been banned from the site.

  • Banned Members - Members that are banned from the site will be purged from our data base within 60 days of the date they were suspended. This will allow them to create a new account after 60 days if they wish to try again.

All of the new changes will begin January 1st, 2023. We look forward to completing another year of service to you and thank all of you for your support and continued use of our site. That's all for now, take care and earn as many Bits as possible!

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