Hello everyone, Happy New Years!

As mentioned in our last post the changes to the VIP Program and faucet multiplier are now officially in place. VIP members should feel hardly any impact from the changes. New members should want to become VIP's as soon as possible to increase their earnings.

The biggest change to the membership program is the removal of faucet referral commissions. This decision was not easy to make but ultimately neccessary to stabalize the site and regulate the earnings given away by the faucet. This will aid us in being more dependable and help ensure payments are made in a timely manner. You still receive referral commissions from completed offer walls and shortlinks. Due to the new changes we expect referral earnings to boom as members seek to become VIP members.

The last change was to all the contest prizes. We've added a bit more seperation between each level to make things a bit more competetive.

We're very excited to start the new year as we start treading some ground in becoming one of the best earn from home faucet sites. We wish that you all have a truly remarkable and prosperous year!

Take care and earn as many Bits as possible!

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