Hello everyone we have added HideoutTV to our offerwall allowing you directly connect to HideoutTV watch entertaining videos and transfer your earnings instantly to BitcoinTricks.

Here's how it works.

Click the HideoutTV partner link in our Offerwall dropdown menu or from the Offerwall page. Then create an account on HideoutTV. This is very easy to do, they offer facebook and google quick sign up.

Ensure you are logged in to your HideoutTV account and start watch entertaining videos. There are many catagories to choose from. Do Not skip ads while watching the videos. Skipping ads can lead to not receiving credit for the view. We reccomend watching the daily special channel which will earn you double the points for every video watched.

When you have atleast 9 Hideout Points earned from watching videos you can redeem your points directly to our site. (

To redeem your points:

Simply click the green redeem button located underneath the video you are watching.

On the following page click the green start redeem process button.

Select BitcoinTricks from the linked accounts drop down menu and click the green redeem balance button. Your redeemed coins will be instantly sent to BitcoinTricks as offerwall credits.

Then return to BitcoinTricks and convert your offerwall credits into Bits to your main wallet for withdraw.

Take care everyone, that's all for now. We hope you find HideoutTV easy to use so you can take advantage of this incredible and fun way to earn endless amounts Bits.

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