Hello everyone, we have made a few changes to the site as a result of last month's audit and have few more coming over the next few days.

  • Shortlinks Payouts. We've increased payouts to some of the shortlinks increasing daily earning potential.
  • Changes To Contests Prizes. Shortlink contest prizes received a decrease as a results of the recent rise in price of Bitcoin. The offerwall contest has received a enormous reduction due the amount of participation and recent temporary loss of the Bitswall. We hope to see Bitswall return soon but for the time being it has been removed. The offerwall contest prizes may increase throught the month if participation is higher than predicted. We also intend on changing all contest prizes from monthly back to weekly very soon.
  • Changes To VIP Memberships. Two additional VIP requirement levels will be added soon. So that new members can become VIP Members much faster. We are also looking to make a big increase to VIP membership faucet earnings multiplier.
  • Return Of Jobs Page. Over the next few days we will see the return of the Jobs page allowing you to earn for completing tasks. The new tasks should be available to all members.
  • Return Of Lottery Program. We will be returning the lottery program allowing participating members to win a monthly jackpot prize.
  • Changes To The Faucet .  We will be changing the faucet timer from 15 minutes back to every 60 minutes. This should lead to a drastic reduction in bot activity. In return, VIP membership faucet earnings should be some of the highest in the internet.

We are currently on the tail end of our newest project and look forward to making it available to BitcoinTricks members first for initial testing. Over the weekend we are looking at upgrading our server wich may unfortunately cause some downtime on the site. This upgrade is neccessary to ensure we provide you with the best service possible in the future. We will provide additional information when this occurs on your dashboard and in Telegram.

We want to thank you, all of our loyal users for helping us acheive new heights. We are currently attracting a lot of attention and are in negotiations with new site sponsors which may lead to new membership perks in the near future. We look forward to announcing this new partnership soon.

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