Hello everyone, we are excited to announce the new changes to the VIP Membership program.

We have added new VIP Membership rewards to your dashboard. With the intent allowing new members to become VIP Members much sooner.

The next improvemnet was made to the VIP Membership requirements. We drastically lowered the requirements for future VIP Memberships so that members are able to sustain their VIP Membership status.
We will continue to monitor and access this new change and likely will be reducing requirements even further in the future.

We also added the ability to view and purchase VIP Membership status.  We've added a new VIP Membership tab in the main menu of the site. The monthly cost for a VIP Membership is currently 0.00003000 BTC.

We also made changes to the free membership program. We increase lotto ticket price to 50 Bits to avoid multiple account manipulation and we reduced referrals commissions down to 5%.
These changes were made to encourage free members to become VIP members sooner.

To see the chages please go to our new membrship page.

Take care everyone and earn as many bits as possible.

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