Hello everyone, this month is our 5 Year anniversary we've made some additional updates to the site to accomplish some of our 5 Year goals.

To begin with, we've made some pretty drastic changes to the faucet due to the VIP programs multiplier.

Although nothing has changed at the moment. The VIP Multiplier will be adjusted every month after the monthly audit as originally intended based on Bitcoin value just like our other site features.

These are the new changes to our withdrawal process. For now, direct to Bitcoin wallet withdrawals will remain as an available withdrawal option. The minimum withdrawal amount will be 10,000 Bits for all members. For FaucetPay withdrawals the minimum withdrawal amount has been reduced from 2,000 Bits to 1,000 Bits for free members and from 1,000 Bits to 500 Bits for VIP members.

All members that joined our site after July 15, 2023 are eligible for the new withdraw process. Members that joined our site prior to July 15, 2023 are eligible for the new withdraw process only if they have previously successfully completed a withdrawal. Otherwise, will remain with the previous minimum withdraw payment threshold of 5,000 Bits until completion of their first withdraw. Members that do not meet the minimum withdrawal requirements will have their withdrawal request returned to their main account balance with a message posted in red on their dash board.

To help celebrate our 5 Year anniversary we are awarding all members a free 100 Bits. To activate the coupon code, you will be required to complete 10 faucet claims. The coupon code will expire October 1, 2020 at 00.00 Server Time. 

Coupon Code: 5207-8396-6144-3305

That’s all for now, take care and earn as many Bits as possible.

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