Hello everyone, We are so excited with the growth and progress that taken place over the last six weeks. We already have well over 200 members, our Alexa rank has climbed up to 160,033, our advertisement banners are averaging well over a 1000 impressions a month, thousands of faucet claims, completed short links, and viewed ptc ads. It's hard to imagine that we are only 6 weeks old. We owe all of this success to you and are very grateful.

With all that said we are still working on a few technical issues. Specifically with our offers section not reporting tasks that were properly completed by members. If you experience or have experienced any issues with not getting credit for completing tasks. Please report them as soon as possible, send us specific information regarding offer wall, task type and date completed. We may be able to assist you.

We feel like we are right on schedule, revision of the membership levels have been completed resulting in a slight reduction in cost to our Silver Membership Level and all membership levels receiving removal of pop up ads. We are currently working on revising our banner and ptc systems.

We are hoping to reach the tail end of the beta test period near the end of November. Which will finish off with a revision of our payment structure and stress test to the system. November will be a busy month since we are hoping to unveil the second phase of production for us (Our sister site) and will be our next beta project. 

We have big plans ahead we enter the new year. As we enter our third and fourth stage of production around March of 2020. We will be focused on improving member interaction and creating incredible passive income opportunities for our members.

Our fifth and final stage will be ensuring that our network system is working cohesively and is self sustaining so that it lasts for many years to come.

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