Hello Members, I would like to inform everyone on the changes made to the PTC/Banner advertisements. 

I'd like to start with the significant price reduction made to the banner advertising system. The adjustment in price is well under current market value based on impressions to the banner advertisements. The current banner advertising package for 30 days is set to 50,000 Satoshi's. Members that purchased banner advertising before the update have had the difference in price refunded to their purchase balance allowing them to decide to spend it on the same or perhaps a different banner advertisement. Needless to say that as our site continues to grow in popularity the price will continue to adjust but always remaining well below the market value.

The next big adjustment made was to the paid to click (PTC) system. The chart below will show all of the new changes made.

Duration of PPC Advertisement

Price Per Click

Reward To Members

7 seconds

10 Satoshi

5.00 Bits

15 seconds

20 Satoshi

10.00 Bits

30 seconds

30 Satoshi

15.00 Bits

45 seconds

65 Satoshi

30.00 Bits

60 seconds

100 Satoshi

45.00 Bits

90 seconds

135 Satoshi

60.00 Bits

120 seconds

200 Satoshi

90.00 Bits

That's it for now.

Take Care And Earn As Many Bits As Possible!

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