Hello everyone, We are very sad to announce that FaucetHub withdraws have been disabled due to the FaucetHub Rebranding. All future withdraws will be done directly to your bitcoin wallet. This unexpected event has really thrown a wrench in to our sister site launch and at the moment appears that we will have to abandon the practically completed project. With that said, we are now forced to extend our BETA period and have started to implement changes to (this site)

One of the biggest changes made was the removal of membership deposits. This was done to avoid being considered a micro wallet and possibly face the same fate as our beloved FaucetHub. 

The next big change you have probably already noticed was done to our PTC and Banner advertising system. PTC and Banner advertisements packages have been temporarily reduced in price and are now available for as little as 10,000 bits. The decision to temporarily reduce the price was made to allow most of our members to be able to participate in our RevShare program if they wish to do so. We are working hard trying to get this up and running as soon as possible.

The intention behind the RevShare program is to reward site users that have actively purchased PTC and Banner advertisements by doubling what they spent in advertising. Every PTC or Banner advertising package purchased will eventually return 20,000 bits back to the member that purchased the advertisement. 

The Revshare program is designed on a 75% profit pool split meaning that 75% of the profits will be distributed back to our members based on a prioritized list system that will give higher dividends to the members at the top of the list ensuring fast rotations and payouts. Completed RevShare payments will be sent to your account which you can then request to withdraw. Although the RevShare program web page is still unavailable for viewing. Our site is currently set up and ready to start, any PTC or Banner advertise package purchased can be registered into RevShare program in the Jobs section of the site.

The last change that I would like to announce is the reduction to the minimum bitcoin withdraw threshold. Site users will now be able to request a withdraw to their bitcoin wallets when they have reached 50,000 Bits in their account. There will be no withdraw fees what you cash out is what you will receive.

Well, that's all for now.

Take care and earn as many bits as possible!

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